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Model: C36

It is suitable for mass production and processing of small parts in the factory. It can work for 24 hours in a row. It can automatically change 6 knives and have functions such as milling, drilling and tapping. It can move the machine to your upstairs office. Affordable equipment for scientific research units.

Notable features:
1. All major castings of the machine are casted with high-grade HT250 cast iron. They have been completely annealed to eliminate residual internal stress and are not deformed for a long time.
2. The base and the Y-axis guide surface are cast as one body, and the chassis is stable and rigid.
3. The guide rail is Hiwin's silver linear guide rail in Taiwan. It adopts full support design to ensure cutting stability, slide accuracy and mechanical life.
4. Three-axis C3-class precision double nut ball screw, with medium-cycle heat treatment and precision grinding, each shaft is pre-tensioned to reduce thermal deformation, positioning and repeat accuracy.
5. 100% of all machines are accurately detected by Renishaw laser interferometer to ensure three-axis precision backlash and ensure positioning accuracy of ±0.01/300mm repeatability ±0.005/300mm.
6. All three axes are servo-driven, with stable transmission, high precision and large torque.
7. The three-axis track is covered with a dust-proof, debris-proof and telescopic shield, and the protection track and the ball screw are free from the cutting water and residual material to cause wear.
8, using a wide number of 218M CNC machining center system, applicable to international general procedures, with automatic tapping, fault automatic detection alarm function, power failure memory function.
9. The main shaft is BT30, which transmits large cutting torque. The configuration of 6 knife magazines can greatly improve the processing efficiency and machining accuracy of complex products.
10. The spindle motor adopts 2.2Kw servo spindle motor and drive, and the power is large. The spindle can direct tool change to meet the automatic tapping function.
11. The BT30-6 has a knife-edge type tool changer with short tool change time and safe and reliable tool change action.
12. The electronic handwheel can be adjusted in three gears to greatly facilitate operation and calibration.
13. The balance weights are added inside the column and the spindle runs smoothly up and down.
14, fully enclosed sheet metal shield to ensure the work area clean and work safety.
15, equipped with intermittent lubrication system, full protection structure and configuration of pneumatic broaching system.
16, integrated tank and pump system, program or manual control of the cooling liquid switch.
17. Air pressure detection switch, alarm when the air pressure is lower than the rated pressure, to ensure the safety of processing and tool change.
18, processing debris collection device, easy to clean and simple.
19. The appearance of the whole machine is elegant and compact.